Friday, July 31, 2009

It's the little things...

Going to my first bbq of the summer and I am so excited. Our good friends Natalie and Scott have invited us over and we will be hanging out on their roof deck enjoying a gorgeous view of the city. It's August and I'm finally getting my first taste of bbq - this is something to be excited about. I am making two deserts and a potato salad - please pray it all turns out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aidan Strauss Taking a bath!

Well, since I was uploading photos - I figured I do this video too. This is our nephew, Aidan Strauss, on his visit here to Chicago. He had just bumped his head, so please disregard the massive red bump on his sweet little head. He is little angel and it was so fun having him visit.

Baby Shower - 35 Weeks!

I have 4.5 weeks to go and things are going great this week! Girls from my company came over to my house this afternoon and had a mini baby shower with me. It was so much fun! I opened up some GREAT gifts. I attached some pics for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now, this is lucky!!

As you all know, I don't get out much. So, the other day I decided I could not take it anymore and I went on a short walk. Right when I turned the corner from my front door, a bird pooped on my shoulder. I just had to laugh because after the week I had last week - I need some luck.

Also, I was able to sleep on my left and right side without any dizziness! Although therapy was uncomfortable, I was determined to do anything to clear this dizziness before I went into labor. I wrote the Therapist a note today telling her she is life saver.

Things are starting to turn around!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

49 days of rest - will it ever end?

Yesterday, I went to a physical therapist who put me through a series of positions to try and cure the vertigo. I am hoping and praying the dizziness goes away. I have a strange feeling it is still here and I am nervous to lay down and trigger it. I was ordered to sit upright for over 24 hours. I spent the entire night in a lounge chair and I may have gotten about two hours of sleep. My body is exhausted and this week has been so long. I can't wait until I can lay down in bed and feel normal.

It's a beautiful day today in Chicago and I would love nothing more than to go for a long walk and enjoy the summer. I have been on bed rest for 49 days and I feel like it's about time to lift the restrictions. It's mentally and physically the hardest thing I've ever had to do. When will this end?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Much needed sleep!!

Since the vertigo started on Sunday, there has been little sleep. It is great when mommy is able to catch some much needed ZZZ's. Here is a pic of Katie catching up on a few hours of sleep, while giving the baby a breather to the outside world. The baby has been very active lately, with his/her many kicks and punches. Baby Nichol has officially moved out of the breech position and into vertex (head down) position. Hopefully he/she stays like this for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Take 3

Katie and I got to visit the hospital for a third time today (7/6). Katie was having bouts of vertigo during the night and the doctors thought that she should get it checked out so it wasn't a danger to the baby. It turns out that Katie now has to deal with having 'benign positional vertigo' through the rest of her life. It seems through some research that this may have been brought on by her bed rest, and it will hopefully go away when this bed rest goes away. We were released from the hospital at 7PM tonight, and hope that the next time we are in that hospital we will be leaving with a healthy new born baby!!!