Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Nichols New Pics

Katie and I had our 20 week dr appointment today for Baby Nichol. Everything went amazing, and everyone is very healthy and one track growth wise. The baby (the sex is a surprise) is 13oz which is right one track with where the babys growth should be. I'm going to attach some of the first publicized pictures of Baby Nichol in the womb. There is a 3-D pic of the face, then a pic of the feet, and two shots of the body. It's amazing that your able to see the baby in this amount of detail this early in the pregnancy. The pictures aren't great, since they are ultrasound pictures, that were printed out, and I then took a picture of those with my camera. So keep that in mind. I'll be adding a picture of the pregnant wife as soon as I can get one. Take care.